Healthy Lifestyle

My Healthy Lifestyle Mission...

I never had a major weight problem growing up, but around 2013, I noticed I was getting overweight (5 foot 9 and 200 pounds).  I wasn't obese, yet I had a lot of body fat, especially around my belly.  

I decided to look into the best and ideal ways to shed body fat without resorting to those crazy fat diets.   

I researched hundreds of different sources from nutrition experts, doctors, medical journals, and fitness experts. 

I found the perfect balance to burn body fat and retain muscle, without having to deprive myself of all the great tasting foods I enjoy.  After all, don't we all love to have some of the delicious foods and treats and not have to sit around and eat salads all day long?

So in less then six months I went from 200 pounds to 170 pounds and at 64 years young, I feel the best I have since my thirties. 

My mission is to share with as many people as possible how important it is to get the right advice without all the nonsense of the hyped up fad diets,  ridiculous weight loss pills, and over strenuous exercise programs.