Calorie Calculator

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Calorie Calculator For Easy Calorie Measurement

Here is a simple way to determine your calories you burn each day.

This Calorie Calculator is just an estimate.

If you wish to get an exact measure of the calories you burn each day, you can get one of the many devices available that can measure calorie expenditure and activities.

What is TDEE?

The amount of energy you eat each day in calories is TDEE, the total daily energy expenditure. TDEE is best calculated on the basis of your BMR or basal metabolic rate and level of activity. BMR is the calories you burn at rest every day. 

Your total daily energy includes all the energy you use when sleeping, working and even eating. If you are trying to get the right diet for bulking or cutting, it is important to know your TDEE. 

Your TDEE is often called the calorie maintenance level of your fitness products. This is the quantity of calories you need every day to keep your weight. If you know your total daily energy expenditure, you can either add calories for bulk per day or reduce fat calories.

This calorie calculator just gives one a general idea of the amount of daily calorie expenditure.  However, for a more specific daily expenditure of calories, it is best to purchase a fitness tracker.  

That is the first step in your goal to burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass. 

The main point in my site is to show you that you don't have to starve yourself,  eliminate your favorite foods, or do heavy cardio workouts.  

If you do those type of things, you might do well in the short run, but it will not be satisfying and eventually you will get tired of that and just put the weight back on.

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