Fitness Tracker Reviews

Posted in   fitness equipment   on  February 9, 2020 by  JJhealth0

As mentioned in my healthy fat burning report, you need to track how many calories you are burning each day, so you can figure out the proper amount of calories you can consume each day.  

And to track this you will need a fitness tracker.  There are many fitness trackers on the market, and here are two fitness tracker reviews.  If you are price conscious, these are two of the better ones that you will find on Amazon. 

FitBit Fitness Tracker

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  • Has video to display everything.  You can even see sleep-tracking. You can check messages and notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.  
  • Tracks daily steps, calories burned, miles walked, heart rate and sleep pattern.
  •  Great price as it is comparable to watches in the $200 price range
  • Battery life is exceptional.  And setting up the app is very easy and only takes about 5 minutes.  


  • The watch has a setting that enable sit to turn on when you lift your wrist. It is sometimes a bit inconsistent. You need to flip your wrist a few times.
  • Control over the phone's music is average.
  • You have pick an activity like running walking yoga treadmill bike in order to count calories. It doesn't just count the whole time automatically.

FitBit Fitness Tracker Reviews Conclusion:

If you want a great fitness tracker without the high price this is highly recommended.  It is pretty simple to setup and the battery lasted four straight days without having to charge it up.  The tracker seems pretty accurate when I workout as it show my heart rate and calories burned.  The thing I didn't like is that the instructions were in small like 8 point font that was hard to read.  

My Rating

Amaze Fit Band Fitness Tracker

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  • Large Stylish Dial Display: 1. 3-inch TFT-LCD color touch screen features 4 customized displays.
  • Heart rate monitoring & sleep tracking
  • All-day Fitness Tracking: Accurately records your activity data such as steps, distance, calories burned and weekly/monthly data
  • More smart functions: music control, incoming call notifications with the option to long press to hang up, up to 10 alarm clocks, timer functionality, breathing guides, sedentary alerts, wrist sensor,
  • Great battery life: This fitness tracker watch built with a 210mAh battery that only takes 2. 5 hours to charge and can be used for up to 10 days with a standby time of 30-45 days


  • It’s great with counting your daily steps but the treadmill sport on it wasn't accurate. It is accurate in the timing m
  • Getting the HR data into the Apple health app took a little time to figure out.  To get it to synch, you have to use a swipe motion in the app
  • Some issue with tracking sleep that is interrupted with times of wakefulness. It seems that standing up too long during a sleep cycle will kick you out of the sleep measurement function for the day.

Amaze Fit Band Fitness Tracker Reviews Conclusion:

This is an excellent price for a fitness tracker if you are budget conscious. The watch face is the right size as it is easy to read and the band is light weight so it is comfortable to wear.  It is easy to setup and no complications of needing any SIM card.   It isn't waterproof, so if you are a swimmer this might not be the one for you.  If you

Wear these when you workout each day, whether you are going on a walk or perhaps doing weight training or using resistance straps.  This will show you many calories you burn each day so you can determine your intake of calories each day in order to lose weight.