Best Low Carb Protein Bars

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The Best Low Carb Protein Bars - 3 Recommended Bars

The average person in the U.S. takes in about 55-75 grams of protein per day, which is the minimum requirement.   However, if you want to gain muscle mass which in turns helps burn body fat, then you will need to increase your grams of protein each day.  It is recommended to take in from .8 to .9 grams per pound of body weight daily.  So if you weigh 180 pounds that would be 180 x .8 -  144 grams per protein or 180 x .9 = 162 grams per protein per day. 

In order to meet your protein goals per day, it is recommended to have one protein bar per day.

Best Low Carb Protein Bars

When choosing the best low carb protein bars you need to read the ingredients on the label.  

Choosing the best low carb protein bars are important as you don’t want to choose a bar that contains too much sugar, carbs, or calories.  You need to choose a protein bar that is best for gaining muscle with high amount of protein, low in sugar, some fiber, and not too high in calories.  The best low carb protein bars have at least 20 grams of protein. 

 Low carb protein bars are very beneficial when you are in between meals, hungry, and need an energy boost.   When you combine a weight resistance exercise with protein bars this can help build muscle mass. Protein bars also help maintain blood glucose levels.

It is not recommended to eat more than one protein bar per day, as you don’t want too many calories.  In addition to a protein bar I would recommend  drinking one Whey Protein shake each day as well.  One shake contains 30 grams of protein and is ideal as a meal replacement when trying to lose weight.

What are the best low carb protein bars?

I choose the best low carb protein bars, based on nutrition and taste.  All these bars have at least 20 grams of protein and don’t contain artificial ingredients, high sugar content, or high fructose corn syrup.  

There are numerous protein bars out there and there isn’t one perfect bar to fit everything you need.   The protein bars I selected  are the ones I used  to lose weight.  Now that I achieved my weight loss goal, I now take in more calories each day (2,200) to maintain my weight.  Personally, for taste and low sugar I like the Quest bars.  They also provide high fiber and 20 grams of protein per bar.

The amount of protein is a factor for deciding which protein bar is right for you. There are some protein bars out there that are very high in carbs, calories, and sugar make sure to read the ingredients on the labels.   I like the Quest bar as a low carb protein bar as it only has 21 grams of carbs and high in fiber.  Remember that net carbs is what is important.  So if there are 21 grams of carbs and 15 grams of fiber, then that is only 6 net carbs (21-15).   

So if you are looking to lose weight, you want to find bars with a ratio of 2:1 (protein to carbohydrates).

What Ingredients To Look For

What Ingredients To Avoid

15 grams or more of protein

More then 13 grams of sugar

4 grams or more of fiber

High fructose corn syrup

Less then 13 grams of sugar

Artificial Sweeteners

Less then 25 grams of carbs

High Saturated Fats or Trans Fat

Top Rated Low Carb Protein Bars

#1st Rated

Best Low Carb and Low Sugar Protein Bars

Quest Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Quest Bars have 21 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar so good for people who have diabetes. They also have 15 grams of fiber with only 21 grams of carbs for only 6 net carbs. The bars have a nice chewy texture, and of course Chocolate Peanut Butter is a great flavor.

#2nd Rated
Rise Protein Bars

Rise honey almond whey protein bars have 20 grams of protein no added sugar, gluten free, 16 grams of fat, 20 carbs and  4 grams fiber,  13 grams of sugar.  No artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with honey.  

#3rd Rated
Peanut Butter Naked Bar

Peanut Butter Naked Bar has 15 grams of protein, 21 carbs with 6 fiber for 15 net carbs.  5 saturated fats , 13 sugar,  good natural flavor with whey protein.  Not quite as tasty as the Quest Bar.