fat burning foods

Fat Burning Foods

When you are struggling to lose weight,  you want to make sure you eat the proper foods that can burn fat most efficiently.  

Here is a list of some of the best fat burning foods that you should include in your diet.  

 These foods will help break down fatty deposits and make it easier for your body to flush out the fat.

  • Asparagus  – contains the chemical asparagine, which is an alkaloid that stimulates the kidneys and improve the circulatory process.   Thus, asparagines helps break down oxalic acid as that is what bonds  fat to cells.  Breaking down this acid helps  reduce fat levels.
  • Beets  – a strong diuretic that focuses on the liver and kidneys.  Beets help for cleansing blood corpuscles and wash out the fatty deposits.   Beets also contain a chlorine that stimulates the lymph, which helps flush out fatty deposits.
  • Brussel sprouts - stimulates the pancreas, which releases hormones that will have a cleansing effect on cells.  Brussel sprouts also contain minerals that stimulate the kidneys so that waste is released quicker.
  • Cabbage - this is a great food if you have a pot belly or middle age spread on your waistline as it helps break up fat in this area.  Cabbage contains sulphur and
    iodine, which helps to cleanse the gastric intestinal mucus membrane of the
    stomach and intestines and helps break up fat.
  • Carrots  – carrots contain carotene, a form of Vitamin A.   Carotene  produces a reaction in your cells to help flush out fat in your body.  In addition, carotene gets transformed into vitamin A in your intestines which in turn will help speed up your metabolism.
  • Celery  – raw celery has a high concentration of calcium which helps spark your endocrine system.   Thus, it will help break up fat and clean out your sytem.  Celery also has a high level of magnesium and iron, which is beneficial.
  • Cucumbers  – contains sulfur and silicon content that stimulate the kidneys to wash up uric acid and loosens fat from cells.
  • Garlic  – a natural diuretic that contains mustard oils that create a cleansing action in the body.  They promote a vigorous action of peristalsis, which is a muscular contraction, and this helps breakdown clumps of fat and helps wash it out.
  • Horseradish  – it has an amazing effect of dissolving fat in cells (no side effects) and also as a cleansing effect on the body.
  • Lettuce  – contains iron and magnesium, which enters your spleen to boost your immunity and protects the body from illness.  Lettuce also helps with metabolism and washes out fat cells.
  • Radishes  – contains high levels of iron and magnesium, which scrub the mucous membrane of the body and helps to dissolve fat in the cells.
  • Tomatoes – are high in vitamin C and contain citricmalic-oxalic acids.  This acid will accelerate metabolism and help the kidneys filter out large quantities of fatty deposits, flushing it from  your system.