How To Burn Belly Fat Naturally

Posted in   burn belly fat   on  January 4, 2023 by  JJhealth0

How To Burn Belly Fat –  8 Best Ways To Burn Fat

Many people believe the best way to burn belly fat is doing situps, or extreme cardio, or drastic dieting.   And even some who believe there is a magic fat burning pill.   

I will tell that these are not the ways on how to burn belly fat.

I am here to dispel the myth and let you know there are 8 best ways to burn belly fat.

It is not a magic quick fix formula, but if you follow these 8 steps and stick to it, you will be able to shed that fat around your middle.

Eat more protein.  

The average american’s daily intake of protein is around 55-75 grams per day.  Protein helps build muscle which is how you can burn belly fat and it is recommended to up the protein level to .8 – .9 grams per pound.  So a 180 pound person should be taking between 144 – 162 grams of protein per day.  Good source of protein are eggs, fish, and cottage cheese.  A good way to meet the protein requirement is to have a whey protein shake each day. 

Strength training. 

This is vital when taking in extra protein.  You need to build muscle mass, which helps prevent muscle loss and fat loss when losing weight.   And you don’t have to lift heavy weights, but you need to do some resistance training with moderate exercises for your back, chest, shoulders, arms, and especially the legs.  Doing squats will strengthen your core and tend to lower your waist size.  You only need about 30-40 minutes per workout for 3 times a week.   

Stop doing crunches.  These help strengthen your stomach muscles, but they are not going to burn belly fat as there is no such thing as spot reduction.

Limit your consumption of alcohol.  A drink once in a while is okay, but don’t be slamming down a 4 or 5 beers when you drink.   If you notice a lot of beer drinkers have a lot of belly fat, especially when you age.   Alcohol stresses the liver which makes it difficult for your body to clear out toxins.

Eat healthy fat. 

The low-fat diet is a myth as eating the healthy fat actually helps with fat loss. But make sure it is not saturated fat like margarine,  but rather the non-saturated fats such as,  olive oil, almonds, flax seed, and avocados.  It is recommended to take a fish oil each day as this is a great source of fat to help burn belly fat.   Fish oil helps to increase testosterone levels as well.     Check out Carlson Fish Oil which has 1600 mg omega-3 per tbsp.

Limit the carbs.

I know many people are doing those diets that drastically cuts carbs.  However, carbs provide energy and  eating too few carbs (under 100 grams a day) could possibly impact your memory, according to the Institute of Medicine per the USDA.  The average person’s diet is around 250-350 carbs per day, which is way to high as your body will stock extra carbs which will result in belly fat.  It is recommended to reduce your carbs to around 150-175 carbs per day.  In addition, make sure they are good complex carbs and not the simple carbs, like potato chips, white bread, and white rice.   Some great complex carbs are:  sweet potatoes, watermelon, avocados, beans, oats, whole grain pastas, and quinoa. 

Be active.

You don’t need to do heavy cardio or run 5 miles a day, but I would recommend some activity like walking  or riding a bike 3 -4 times a week. This helps on how to burn belly fat.

Eat often. 

If you are constantly hungry you are not eating enough.  It is better to eat every 3 or 4 hours with healthy meals and snacks.  Eating healthy foods 90% of the time is a great way to burn belly fat.  I like to eat a protein bar as one of my snacks each day.  Be sure you get a good protein bar that is low in sugar.  Here are some protein bars recommend.   Also, you don’t have to stop eating  junk foods either.  You can eat your pizza and ice cream about 10% of the time.  So if you are eating 6 meals per day, you can eat some junk food several times a week.  Just don’t overdue it.