Foods That Burn Fat
Top 10 Fat Burning Foods!

Here are top ten recommended foods that burn fat

1. Quinoa - (pronounced keen-wa) contains amino acids that is essential to make it high in protein

2. Lemons - More especially, lemon juice to detoxify the human body

3. Beets - a strong diuretic that focuses on the liver and kidneys

4. Cabbage - this is a great food if you have a pot belly or middle age spread on your waistline as it helps break up fat in this area

5. Rooibos Red Tea - Aspalathin is the main ingredient in this red tea, which helps shrink fat-cells

6. Chia Seeds– Chia seeds are helpful for shedding fat. You can put chia seeds in smoothies or salads. Chia is a great source of protein and healthy fats and also aid in digestion and metabolism, which can lead to steady weight loss.

7. Garlic – a natural diuretic that contains mustard oils that create a cleansing action in the body. They promote a vigorous action of peristalsis, which is a muscular contraction, and this helps breakdown clumps of fat and helps wash it out.

8. Horseradish – it has an amazing effect of dissolving fat in cells (no side effects) and also as a cleansing effect on the body.

9. Asparagus – contains the chemical asparagine, which is an alkaloid that stimulates the kidneys and improve the circulatory process. Thus, asparagines helps break down oxalic acid as that is what bonds fat to cells. Breaking down this acid helps reduce fat levels.

10. Radishes – contains high levels of iron and magnesium, which scrub the mucous membrane of the body and helps to dissolve fat in the cells.

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