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Healthy Fat Burning Food Plan

For all the diet programs out there whether they want you to drastically reduce fat or carbs, or starve yourself with low daily calories you need to realize it all boils down to one simple formula.

Your Calories need to be greater than the calories you consume for fat burning.

So if your body metabolizes more calories than what your body takes in over an extended period of time…your body will lose weight.

If you take in fewer calories than what you burn without the proper percentage of proteins/carbs/fat your body will burn muscle as well as fat.

For fat burning, you must take in the right percentage of proteins/carbs/fat.   In addition, you need strength exercises for building muscle.  Thus, your body will burn more fat as opposed to muscle.

Thus, there are three ways your body will burn calories for proper fat burning:

1. Exercise
2. Your metabolism rate
3. When your body processes food.

So the end goal is to burn as much body fat as possible while maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible.

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By maintaining lean muscle mass you will increase your metabolism and build stronger bones.  

Many people believe that they need to diet, which is something that is restrictive where you can’t eat good foods like pizza, ice cream or cookies.

They also believe that their meals have to be mainly chicken, salads, carrots and broccoli all day where their daily intake of calories is around 1,000-1,200 calories.

So by trying this method you will feel frustrated, unhappy, and drive yourself nuts as you will feel deprived.

After all eating is an enjoyment and why not be able to eat your favorite foods and not have to be hungry all the time.

Did you know you can gain weight by eating healthy foods? 

Again, if you take in more calories than what you burn you will gain weight regardless if you are eating chicken and salads all day.

On the hand, you could lose weight by eating unhealthy food. As long as you were taking in fewer calories than what you burn.

As an example, if you just ate a couple of slices of pizza and some ice cream and it only amounted to 1,200 calories for the day, and you burn 1,800 calories per day you would drop weight.

Of course, doing that each day would not be healthy and you would feel like crap.

Plus, it would not be a good type of weight loss.

Also, you could eat a lot more salads and chicken in quantities than you would with pizza and ice cream.

But the point is you can gain or lose weight from both types of foods.

Later in this report, I will show you the right types of food in combinations which you can eat and induce fat-burning while maintaining lean muscle mass

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But first let’s start with step 1.

The first step is to calculate how many calories you burn each day.

Many people are more active than others, as some may have office jobs, while others may be on their feet all day and get a lot of physical activity.

Also some people have a slower metabolism than others

Everyone’s caloric maintenance level is different. So you need to find out what your caloric level is for fat burning.

Step 1: Find Your Caloric Maintenance Level

There is a simple formula for finding this out. (Keep in mind, this is an accurate estimate as no calculator or equation will give you the EXACT number).

Step 1: take your body weight and multiple it by 14. So if you weigh 200 pounds then 200x 14 = 2,800 calories.

However, as I mentioned that is not accurate and I would recommend you purchase a calorie fitness device that you wear on your arm for 24 hours.

This will tell you the amount of calories you’re burning each day.

There are a number of calorie fitness devices that you can purchase.  Most of them will not give you the most accurate amount of calories.

If you want the most Accurate calorie fitness device check out my reviews.

When I had my tested I found that I burn about 2,300 calories a day. Let’s say I wanted to lose one pound in a week. The science states that 3,500 calories = 1 pound.

Therefore you want to burn 500 calories more then what you take in each day in order to lose one pound of weight loss per week (500 calories * 7 days is 3,500 calories).

There are a lot of diets that claim you can lose a lot more than 1 pound per week. But this is not recommended as trying to lose weight too fast will end up losing lean muscle mass as well as fat.

In addition, most of the weight will end up being a lot of water weight.   

Once you’ve figured out your caloric maintenance number, you can create a caloric deficit to help you burn fat and keep it off for good.

Step 2: Find Your FAT Loss Number

For most people the caloric deficit goal is -20%.

For example if you caloric maintenance number is 2,300 calories then take that times 20% which comes out to 460. Then subtract 460 from 2,300 and this will be your FAT LOSS Number.

Step 1: 2,300 calories x 0.2 = 460.
Step 2: 2,300 - 460 = 1,840 calories.

So 1,840 calories would be the amount you should eat each day in order to induce fat burning while maintaining lean muscle mass. 

Step 3: What Amount of Proteins/Fat/Carbs/Fiber To Eat For Fat Burning

Some of the popular diets try to restrict a lot of carbs, which in the short term will lose weight.

By cutting carbs, you are taking in fewer calories so might lose some weight with the reduction of calories.

However, you don't want to drastically reduce your carbs to under 100 per day, like many of those fad diets like Keto or Atkins want you to do. 

The reason is that carbohydrates are fuel energy for your body and you need that in order to maintain your energy support.

Especially if you are exercising, as you need the carbs for fuel. 

In the long run, it is difficult to maintain eating so few carbs, as it is not enjoyable or healthy. 

Many people I know have tried this form of dieting and for a few months, they lose weight, but then have no energy and end up frustrated eating so few carbs.

Eventually, they give up and go back to eating like they normally did, and put the weight right back on in a few months. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy some of your favorite foods like bread, ice cream, and a slice of pizza once in a while? 

So forget about doing any crazy carb restrictions or starvation diets as it will just frustrate you and drive you nuts.

Americans do eat too many carbs, especially simple carbs. But you need to moderate them without severe restriction and eat the proper carbs in proportion with your proteins, fats, and fiber.

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