Why Fad Diets Fail

My name is JJ and most of my life I've never really had a weight problem.   I was pretty active and always seem to have a high metabolism rate.  However, when I turned fifty-five I actually started gaining weight and put on 30 pounds over the course of a year, especially in my belly.  I needed to shed some weight, but instead of trying one of those crazy fad diets I decided I would do my own research.  

Over the course of five months, I read numerous nutrition books, medical journals and consulted with Fitness experts to figure out the best and healthiest way to lose weight without depriving myself of some of the foods that I really enjoy.

After all everyone enjoys eating...and the thought of eliminating all the foods a person loves is too restrictive and not a great long term plan. Most diets will tell you in order to burn fat you have to restrict yourself and just eat gobs of chicken with vegetables all day. They don't want you to eat any of your favorite foods like ice cream, pizza, etc.

I found that the concept of losing fat is simple. It just comes down to burning more calories than what you take in each day.  Even know that sounds so simple many people struggle with this.  In fact, many people will try to do all these crazy fad diets...low fat, low carb, Atkins, South Beach, Keto, Vegan, etc.  And many of these diets in the short-term will lose weight as you are taking in less calories than what you burn.  However, I found that most people on those fad diets will put the weight back on within a year or two.  Why...because it is not an enjoyable long term solution, as it is restricting the foods you love. In fact, the word "diet" sounds too restrictive. 

I found a great formula that worked for me, and will work for you as well.   

There is a right percentage of proteins, carbs, and fats that you need to take each day.  Most people do not get the right percentage with way to little protein and too many carbs. In addition,  I do have a list of  foods the help burn fat.  

I have put together the formula that worked for me, and will work for you as well. I call this program the Healthy Lifestyle For Burning Fat. And the best part is I'm not even charging for this, as it is absolutely free!

All you need to do is sign up the free report and follow the steps and let me know your results as I love to know if I have helped you achieve your goal in losing weight. With my program I do recommend purchasing whey protein, protein bars, and some health supplements (magnesium, calcium, and zinc). You can purchase these from my affiliate link as I am an Amazon affiliate. I make a small affiliate commission to help with my costs of the website and proving the program to you. However, the price of these is exactly the same whether you bought straight from Amazon and not from my link.

In a nutshell, here are the steps you will learn with my program.

1. The first step will be to figure out how many calories you burn each day. Everyone is different as one person might burn only 2,000 calories per day and another person might burn 2,700 calories per day. The most accurate way to determine your calorie burning is to go to your local gym or fitness club and get a calorie meter that you wear for 24 hours. This will give you a good estimate of the calories.

2. The next step will show you the right amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats you take each day. Most people do not get enough protein each day (about 75-80 grams) and take in about 300 grams of carbs. With my program I will show you the proper amount of proteins, carbs, and fats each day. For a 180 lb person you need to take in at least a 175 grams of protein a day get your carbs down about 150 carbs per day. That's a simplistic example, as my program will show you more in detail, like the type of protein, carbs, and fat as well as the timing of meals and snacks. And in order to get the proper amounts of protein, I am not going to suggest you gorge yourself on meat all day as that is not healthy. There are plenty of healthy protein choices other than just beef, chicken, and fish.

And one of the neat things about my program is you are allowed one cheat day per week. Personally, I love ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. On this day you can splurge and have yourself a great treat like ice cream, pizza, cookies, or a slice of pie.

3. I will show you the science of protein, carbs, fats, sugars, and metabolism. So if you take in 500 less calories then what you burn each day you will lose 1 pound per week, as 500 x 7 days = 3,500 calories, which is one pound loss per week.

4. You will learn which supplements to help detox and stimulate fat burning. First let me tell you that there isn't a magic health pill that melts the fat right off. However, I will tell you that many people, especially those over 40, are not getting certain vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to help fuel your metabolism. So by adding these in combination with the proper protein, carbs, and fat each day, they will improve your ability to shed weight.

5. Finally, I will show you how strenuous long exercises such as running, cycling, and extreme weight lifting are not recommended. However, you do need to be active, and modest exercise is the perfect complement. For example I work out 30 minutes 3 times a week with some light weights. I also walk my dog 1 mile a day, which I find enjoyable.

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